Why do you offer to pay 10% of your commission to my closing costs?

We love our customers!  Our hope is that the money we contribute towards your closing will help you buy or sell your home.  In return, we would appreciate you passing on the word about us to your friends. It saves us advertising money, thus saving you money at closing.


How does it work?

When buying a home, the 10% is calculated on your initial offer and it is written into the contract as a contribution by your agent towards your closing costs. This applies to new home sales as well as resales; however, we do not offer the contribution on short-sales, foreclosures, or homes under $150,000. The contribution does not change with any counter offers.  If your lender does not allow rebates, or a seller won’t allow the contribution, you can choose whether or not you wish to proceed with the transaction. The contribution must be on the HUD (closing statement).

When selling, the 10% comes straight off the top of our “listing agent commission”.


Does this mean I won’t get the service of a traditional agent?

Not at all!  We are “full service”.  We are here to help you find a home you’ll love and sell the home you’ve loved!  In fact, we also offer free virtual tours that help to get your home seen above the rest.


I’ve never heard of the The K Company.  Who are they and will my home get the same exposure?

The K Company of Realtors is a newer brokerage.  According to Inc. Magazine, it’s the fastest growing real estate firm in the Southeast and the second fastest growing brokerage in the nation.  Why?  Because as more and more individuals turn to the Internet to find their next home, companies that have not caught up with the times will fall by the wayside. No longer do individuals walk into brokerages looking for a home.  According to the National Association of Realtors, last year, 92 percent of home buyers used the Internet to help find their next home. The K Company has streamlined its brick and mortar presence, and amplified its digital presence. This means more exposure for your listing online through MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.  Also, this means lower fees as a buyer and a seller. The Geiger Realty Group charges NO TRANSACTION FEES; that’s something most brick and mortar brokerages can’t compete with.

Is it legal?

Yes.  In fact, the Department of Justice encourages it, saying “Rebates are an important form of price competition under the traditional structure of real estate transactions” and “Rebates can save consumers several thousand dollars in a single transaction.”  The Florida Association of Realtors says, “The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) Rule 61J2-10.028(2) provides that a licensee may share brokerage compensation with a party to a transaction as long as full disclosure is given to all interested parties.”

The Geiger Realty Group is committed to helping you with all of your real estate needs.  Call or email us today!

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